My thoughts on Hyrule Warriors

As a fan of both Legend of Zelda and the Samurai Warriors games, not so much Dynasty Warriors but anyway, I was really looking forward to this game.

It has met all of my expectations and I really love it, however I have a few complaints…

  1.  The CPU characters (The ones you aren’t playing) don’t do a damn thing. They stand there looking pretty. Maybe it’s the setting I’m on or it’s just completely random, but I stood in one area getting my ass kicked while Ruto just stood there and watched.

    Thanks ya useless fish.

  2. I hate how it appears that Link, Zelda, and Ganon will be the only characters to get alt outfits. It’s a real shame.
  3. I also find it rather irritating how I will go and accomplish a victory condition before it’s even been told to me, so I have to wait for the game itself to catch up to me. I end up waiting for my next condition for a while as it tries to speed through my already finished progress. A small complaint but still a relevant one for me.
  4. I find it to be a tad difficult as one player on some levels, not that it’s impossible to complete things of course. There is just so much that can go wrong at once and it’s hard not having someone behind your back. Besides, games like this have always been more fun with a friend anyway.

1 and 4 are my biggest complaints. Perhaps I’m just being a picky asshole but these are just things I find myself pointing out constantly while playing.

The whole costume thing isn’t really that big a deal but they are seriously missing out on some cool costumes! Like OoT Impa, true form Midna, doing a Majora’s Mask Lulu costume for Ruto ect.

Overall though it’s a really good game for people who are a fan of the Samurai/Dynasty Warriors series, or just really like hack and slash button mashing games.

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Animal Crossing New Leaf hints & tips!


These tips are great for new players, or experts who need a lil reminding!

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Look who’s moving in~

My all time favorite villager: Kabuki, the grumpy cat.

Alternatively titled: How to Get Your Dream Villagers Without Royally Fucking Things Up for Yourself (◡‿◡✿)
So over the weeks I’ve amassed a reliable system through trial and error on how to move out villagers quickly and efficiently. In the past 3 days I’ve moved out a total of 23 unwanted/trading villagers without a single loss of a dream villager, so I’d say the success rate is pretty good, no?
So here I am, sharing my technique with you.
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The return of Colton

A couple days back I had gone to my waifs house. She and I both had Colton at one point and were absolutely thrilled to be rid of him. She managed to get rid of him just days before my arrival.

Well I get to her house and we’re ACin’ it up when suddenly I see a new villager house being built, curious I checked the name. To my absolute horror it was Colton.

I figured he’d moved back because I saw him wandering my town square shop plaza thing, but  sure enough he had moved in from her town.

Needless to say I was disgusted and I’ve been hitting him with a bug net since.