Terrible News!

Apollo moved out of my town. ;-; He didn’t even tell me, Issbelle gave me a notice on shamrock day that he was moving the next day.

I’m really depressed over this recent event.

Hopefully Kabuki moves in though, he’s my dream villager and it’s the only way Apollo’s move will be worth it.

Been playing Okamiden

I’ve never played Okami or Okamiden before. I followed Chuggaaconroy’s let’s play of Okami which is where I even got interest in the games.

I loved the art style and game play so I’ve been wanting to get Okamiden for a whole now, and this past weekend my waifs boyfriend was kind enough to get it for me. Bless his soul.

I’ve gotten to Sei’an City, which I guess could be considered the half way point? I personally like that these games aren’t super long. They are just long enough to grab my attention and keep it.

I’m really enjoying this game and I love almost everything about it. The only thing I’m not liking is the controls, they are kinda wonky for me but easy enough to look past.

I know it’s an older game at this point but I highly recommend it.

Poke talk

Teaching my boyfriend about the magical land of serious Pokemon playing.

So far I’ve given him the basic rundown of creatures, and their natures. I haven’t dived deep into EV training simply because I haven’t really done much of it myself, but I told him what it was all about anyway.

It feels good to be knowledgeable about the land of Pokemon.


Only missing Fire Flower

I’ve collected almost all the Mario themed items in AC:New Leaf, all I’m missing now is the Fire Flower~ So if anyone is willing to trade or sell please message me!


Updating my PWI and it took me a minute to realize the lovely Daryl Dixon background I have was not part of the games banner. @w@

Reblog from main tumblr~

I’ve been itching to play Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town

It’s a good game. Too bad my game boy sp doesn’t work. For whatever reason the battery wont work, and I’ve bought two new batteries as well. None of them work so I’m guessing something is wrong with the system itself.

I’ve contemplated ordering a new one all together or even just saying fuck that and getting the GBA player for gamecube. Either way I’d be spending about the same, if not more to get new and guaranteed to work items.

Thinking about making a video or post or something showing off my game collection????

So hey I beat WWHD

I’m going to play through the second file in hopes I can complete the Nintendo Gallery.